Put me to work.

Professional Writing

Mental Model HIV Testing, U.S.A.I.D.

Research Driven Mentor Guidebook, Carnegie Mellon

Amendment to The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

$400,000 Grant, Neighborhood Learning Alliance

$854 Small Undergraduate Research Grant

$3,000 Grant, School of Fine Arts Carnegie Mellon

Corporate Rewrite, Dominion Peoples Gas

Information Rewrite, Board of Health and Mental Hygiene

Medical Rewrite, The American Journal of Epidemiology

Trail of Cthulhu: Red Tide Rising

Benis Wars: The Tail of Turkey

PadThaiCinema- Episode 1: The Health Inspector

Henry Armero Memorial Award

Disney Imagineering Challenge

Terrorist Recruitment Analysis

Henry Armero Memorial Award

Mother Infant Young Child Nutrition - Strategy

Mother Infant Young Child Nutrition - Guidelines


Lowry Burgess - Original

Optimized for Mobile

Images, Forms, Menus, Decreased load times, University hosted

A website where I can put my stuff, and actually READ what it says on the screen!

Interactive Design


Lowry Burgess - Original

Landing Page that Directs to Moon Arts

Increased traffic and circulation

Redirects to Email, so you don't have to

Embedded Contact Form

Art, Writing, Code.. Game Design!

This isn't what you remember from college...

Everyone on campus is severely addicted to study drugs-- and they want yours!


Troves of students, faculty, police, and other enemies will hunt you down and take the medication you need to succeed... Don't let them.


Stop them by giving them what they want, amphetamines, until their hearts burst in this dysfunctional gory platformer.

Not for the faint of heart!

iPhone, iPad, Mac & Windows

Play the iconic story of Weenerdog's Son on Windows or Mac!

37 Uniquely Skinned Enemies

3 Weapon Types

4 Seasons with Weather

Sword, Bomb, Javelin

Bears, Birds, Bosses, and Flying Robots

Summer, Fall, Winter, Toxic

Weenerdaog's Son awakes in a sea of chemicals, he must kill Turkey's soldiers to prove himself to his father!


"Henry Armero Memorial Award"

Supports 3840x2160 4K Resolution

Interactive Menu and Credits