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The Reality

I was born in Johannesburg South Africa ...

 ...False! Christian was born in L.A. but lived in Africa and Poland shortly after

My favorite fruit is lemons ...

 ....Truth! Christian particularly enjoys eating lemons slices after a big meal

As a child, I went on a road trip with Hillary Clinton while she was  running for Senator ...

 ...Truth!Christian was mentioned in her book due to his legendary bladder control

My most important birthday was my 21st ...

 ...False! Christian waited YEARS to turn 8 so that he could have his first cap gun

I  was attacked by a bear ...

 ...Truth! Christian's campsite was attacked by a bear at Yellowstone

When choosing a college I was torn between academia and Division 1 athletics ...

 ...Truth! Christian was being recruited for sabre fencing, but was drawn to Carnegie

I feel uncomfortable working with  children ...

 ...False! Christian enjoys making up fantasy games and voices when playing with kids

My interest in gamification began in college ...

 ...False! Christian began creating games and writing rules for his brothers at age 5

I fell off a glacier in Alaska ...

 ...Truth! In an avalanche, Christian was knocked off a glacier and then hospitalized

I love sports cars ...

 ...False! Christian likes vintage cars from the 70's

I am an early adopter for tech and enjoy building and fixing computers ...

 ...Truth! Christian built his own computer and enjoys VR experiments

My  ancestors came on the Mayflower ...

 ...Truth! Christian's middle name originated from a second generation ancestor

I am fluent in English, Spanish, and Polish ...

 ...False! Christian used to speak Polish, but lost the ability after returning to the U.S.

My favorite artists is Goya ...

 ...False! Christian's favorite artist is Kris Kuksi who makes terrifying sculptures

I collect Beanie Babies ...

 ...Truth! Christian has a collection of 300, his favorite is a Turkey

I learned to read after my peers, because reading was taught later in Africa  ...

 ...Truth! However, by the 3rd grade Christian had read the Lord of the Rings trilogy

peer closer.

Professional Writing

Game Design

Digital Art

  • UX Writing
  • Screenplays
  • Copy Writing
  • Technical Documents
  • Grants & Proposals
  • Heuristics & Guidelines
  • Speeches & Public Addresses


Writing Software I prefer: Microsoft Office, Google Apps Suite, Adobe InDesign, Celtx,

  • Game Design
  • Narratives
  • Art Direction
  • User Retention
  • Audience Diagnostics
  • Audits of Competition
  • Gameplay Optimization


Game Software I prefer: Adobe Photoshop, Unity 3D, Unreal Engine 4, Twine, Ren'Py, Autodesk Maya


  • Film Editing
  • Effects & Audio
  • Logo & Web Design
  • Cartoon Animations
  • 3D Motion Renders
  • Storyboarding
  • Fine Arts


Visual Software I prefer: Adobe Premiere & After Effects, Photoshop, illustrator, Character Animator, Maya, Sketch


Google Creative Lab

Big Yellow Taxi

Fannie Mae

  • UX Research
  • Information Architecture
  • Film Editing
  • Data Synthesis
  • Operations
  • Heuristics & Guidelines
  • Game Design
  • Narratives
  • Copy Editing
  • Document Design
  • Grants & Proposal
  • SEO Writing
  • UX Research
  • Heuristics & Guidelines
  • Web Design
  • Game Design
  • Screenplays
  • Speeches & Public Addresses

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Born to Dean and Dawn Murphy, Christian Murphy was delivered amidst an earthquake in Los Angeles. Shortly after bringing their first child into the world, the Murphy’s moved to Warsaw Poland so that Christian’s father could cover the conflict in Bosnia. While in Poland Christian learned to speak Polish from his caretaker ‘Baba’. The Murphy’s lived in Poland for three years, during which Christian translated for his parents at the markets, and got in trouble for telling locals they were going to die of “black lung”. While still in Poland, Christian was gifted his best playmate and younger brother, Justin. After exemplary coverage of the war in Bosnia, the L.A. Times wanted Dean to cover the civil wars in Africa. Thus the Murphy’s packed their bags and traveled to Johannesburg.


Christian began his education at Red Hill Academy shortly after arriving in Africa. However, most of his time was spent out of uniform, running around naked in the Murphy’s backyard with his brother and two Dobermans. It was during this time in Africa that Christian grew his imagination by emulating the animals, tribes, and stories of genocide that populate Africa. He grew intensely interested in battle tanks, candles, and the outdoors. His imagination carried him and his brother through countless adventures as the backyard transformed into exotic African locales. However, at the dawn of Elementary School it was time for Christian to return to the United States and explore American culture, but not until he had the pleasure of receiving his second brother Devin.


Entering New Jersey Christian was shell-shocked by the vast change of scenery. No longer were there aisles of cap guns lining Toys ‘R’ Us, no longer remained the 10ft high walls lined with razor wire. Instead, there were books-- strange pamphlets filled with squiggly lines! Coming into the first grade, Christian’s peers had already started reading and writing, in Africa literacy was taught a year later, thus Christian entered public school with a deficit. Self-conscious that he was behind his peers, Christian came home crying from his first day of classes. With sheer determination (and the help of his loving mother) Christian was able to achieve literacy and fell in love with language. By the third grade, he was in an intense biweekly book club. That same year he read the Lord of the Rings trilogy so that his father would allow him to see the PG-13 rated film adaptation.


In High School, Christian joined the Montclair Fencing Team and made varsity freshman year. With his two friends, he won the Mr. Ma Cup for sabre his junior year. The following year he was captain of both his high school team and Lilov's Fencing Academy. Christian is avid about community service and has taken a leadership role on many retreats through his church. His junior year of high school changed him drastically; his mom was diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer and died seven months later. In his despair Christian turned to art, where he built a strong portfolio and was admitted into Carnegie. Though torn between academia and D1 fencing, Christian attended Carnegie where he graduated a member of the B(X)A community with a degree in Art and Professional writing.


During his sophomore year of college, Christian was awarded $3000 from Carnegie Mellon to explore a video game he was directing. With a small team of 10, he spent his summer creating art and writing the narrative for his video game whilst traveling with his girlfriend of the time Miss Pennsylvania. His junior year in College saw Christian continuing to explore his interest in designing interactive media as he was recruited by Mojo Game Studios as Art Director for their upcoming PS4, Xbox One, PC title ‘Aderyn’s Cradle’. Charismatic and personable Christian continues to explore video game development amongst his work in Design, Information Architecture, and Multimedia Writing.


Shortly after graduating from Carnegie Mellon in 2016, Christian accepted a contract with the Creative Lab. Over the next few months he did rigorous user testing on prototypes, heuristics writing, and web redesigns. Currently he is working with his professor and dear friend, Lowry Burgess, on an amendment to The Universal Declaration of Human Rights that will be presented to the United Nations later this winter.

People That I Endorse

Through work, school, and social media we meet a plethora of people. In this day and age, it means very little to say you “know” someone. After working with thousands of people there are very few who truly leave a lasting impression on us. These are the people who help us grow by fostering cooperative relationships that motivate others to make excellent work.  They are experts in their field, have incredible raw talent, and also hold themselves to the highest standard of integrity and work ethic. These are the people the industry craves and the people need. They are leaders who are kind, patient, and get shit done. They are people I’ve completed projects with and if I could build an elite team, here’s where I’d start:

Gabe Mitchell - Designer

Gabe is a self-starter who has an excellent read on people, and holds them accountable. He is adept at articulating his thoughts and interpreting others, which dispels group confusion and keeps the process moving forward. His sharp tongue puts the situation in perspective and insures that everyone is aware of what their role is. One of his biggest strengths is his ability to dive right into projects. He’s not afraid of white space and quickly starts building and prototyping. He responds well to constructive criticism, gives great pointers, and is extremely humble.


I’ve worked with Gabe on a Disney Imagineering Competition, films, cartoons, and a startup. He holds people accountable for their work and picks up the leftover slack. When things go pear-shaped and people start dragging their feet he grinds his teeth and solves the problem. Gabe is a workhorse and doesn’t procrastinate.

Gabe's Website

Lowry Burgess - Visionary Artist

Lowry has changed art forever. Currently the oldest living MIT Fellow, he has amazing technical ability-- blending mathematical calculations with visionary representations of the unmanifest. If that sentence confused you, then you’re on the right track. Spending time with Lowry is like a hard drug trip that builds your mind instead of destroying it. He is generous, doesn’t judge, and genuinely tries to help people whatever their situation in life is. He can strike up conversation with anyone and sees things in a way that makes people stop and think. His years of experience at MIT and Harvard, scholarly knowledge of theology and history, and wide network make him an invaluable resource when approaching any problem.


Since my freshman year at Carnegie I’ve been in awe of Lowry Burgess. We began working together the following year, and since then have together written an amendment to The Universal Declaration on Human Rights and rebuilt his website. I’ve had the pleasure to watch the Space Art movement ‘take-off’ and can confirm that Lowry has the support of the world’s top museums and political leaders.

Lowry's Website

Torin Blankensmith - Creative Engineer

Torin has insane senior level computer and mobile engineering knowledge with design skills that would make most UX designers sweat. He cheerfully fosters relationships in the workplace, and takes time to explain technical things to people of other disciplines. One thing that caught my attention about Torin is the fact he always encourages. He’s a hard worker that cares about people’s feelings. When people don’t understand the technicality of something and explain it incorrectly, he always starts his sentence with ‘Yes!’ then builds on what they said to clarify the situation. This makes them feel smart and engaged with what’s happening, while simultaneously teaching them.


I had the pleasure of working with Torin at the Creative Lab where I saw his interdisciplinary skills in action. Whether it was building websites in a day, or creating prototype features for existing mobile applications, Torin’s skills were a hot commodity. His ability to seamlessly switch between being a hardcore engineer and a digital designer-- and communicate within those disciplines, made him stand out in a sea of talent.

Torin's Website